Monday, November 21, 2011

Ghostbusters: The Return

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Fisch, Sholly. Ghostbusters. New York: IBooks Distributed by Simon & Schuster, 2004. 

Annotation: It has been 2 years since the Ghostbusters have defeated Vigo the Carpathian and saved New York city. An ancient evil has returned feeding off of the fear of the citizens and it's up to Peter, Ray, Egon and Winston to stop it.

Book Talk: The Ghostbusters are back and cleanin’ up the town! Urban legends are coming to life and threatening the citizens of New York. It is up the boys in brown to solve the mystery behind these supernatural occurrences and uncover the truth. It is a funny and sarcastic ride of thrills, chills and spills as your favorite paranormal investigators get themselves in a heap full of trouble while savin’ the day! When you hear a bump in the night, who you gonna call? Don’t miss Ghostbusters: The Return!

Monday, November 14, 2011

V for Vendetta

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Moore, Alan. V for Vendetta. New York: DC Comics, 2005.

Annotation:  After the world is devastated by war, Fascism rises up and takes over.  As people lose their identity and freedom, an individual named “V” uses anarchy to free society from the chains of oppression.

Book Talk:  “Remember, Remember the 5th of November…” These words take on a whole new meaning when oppressed England experiences their first taste of anarchy.  In a time when fascism is now the ruling class of the world, people have become trapped in a society that bares no hope, no future and no chance of freedom.  In a surprising turn of events, an individual known simply as “V” starts to destroy the barriers of oppression with his new “love” of anarchy.  When all hope is lost, when all freedom is gone, when the fascist government has you in the grip of fear, make them fear you and become V for Vendetta.

Brave New World

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Huxley, Aldous. Brave New World. New York: Perennial Classics, 1998.

Annotation: A futuristic world where humans are grown for specific functions for the ruling class.  Everything is passive within this world until one of their own visits a primitive society and brings back a “savage.”

1959 American Academy of Arts and Letters Award of Merit for Brave New World.
1983 Brave New World Prometheus Award, Hall of Fame Award for Best Classic Libertarian SF Novel

Book Talk: What would a world be like without emotions?  What would it be like if we never saw old age or death?  What if we were grown to have one function, one job for the rest of our existence?  What if there were no more families and what if “love” was just a pill that you took?  Would you really want to know a life that was passive and clean and free of “pain”?  If you are still curious then follow me to a Brave New World.

Rapunzel's Revenge

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Hale, Shannon. Rapunzel's Revenge. New York, N.Y: Bloomsbury, 2008.

Annotation: A twist on the fairy tale of Rapunzel and her abnormally long hair.  Our story finds our heroine on a adventurous and humorous journey to save her mother.

ALA Notable Children's Book (ALA)
Amelia Bloomer Project Selection (ALA)
An Al Roker Today Show Book Club Pick
An IndieBound Next Pick
Cybils Award (Graphic Novels)
Great Graphic Novels for Teens (YALSA)
Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults (YALSA)
Texas Maverick Graphic Novel List
Utah Book Award
Young Hoosier Book Award Nominee

Book Talk: Saddle up partner and travel to once upon a time!  Join Rapunzel as she lets down her hair and races to save her mother from the evil clutches of Gothel and her band of thugs.  With her side-kick Jack, Rapnzel faces off against packs of hungry wolves, giant poisonous snakes and evil…antelopes? Don’t miss this wild ride of high adventure and magic in Rapzunel’s Revenge!

A Step from Heaven

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AN, NA . A Step from Heaven. Asheville, NC: Front Street, 2001. 

Annotation:  Young Ju is a Korean immigrant who is starting a new life in America.  Along with you mother, father and young brother, Young Ju is trying to figure out this new life while dealing with struggles within her family.

Michael L. Printz Award
National Book Award Finalist
New York Times Book Review Notable Book
Best Children’s Books 2001 – Publishers Weekly
A Best Book of 2001 –
Book Links Lasting Connections of 2001
Children’s Books of Distinction Award – Riverbank Review

Book Talk:  Where is heaven?  How do you get there?  Young Ju has a life changing experience when her family moves from Korea to America. In this new world, she must face the hell one must walk before they can reach paradise.  Can she live with through the trials and tribulations life unfolds upon herself and her family?  If she remains the brave little girl she once was in Korea, she’ll find even though life is sometimes hell she’s just A Step from Heaven.

Friday, November 11, 2011

City of Ember

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DuPrau, Jeanne. The City of Ember. New York: Random House, 2003.

Annotation:  Lina and Doon are two children part of a lost underground city.  As the city lights begin to fade, Lina finds a cryptic message that may be directions to the way out of Ember.  She and Doon begin a race against time in search of freedom from their doomed city. 

2003 Child Magazine's Best Children's Book
2003 Kirkus Editor's Choice
2006 Mark Twain Award
2006 William Allen White Children's Book Award
American Library Association Notable Book

Book Talk Deep underground there exist a city of lights.  Each day the citizens go about their business maintaining the order and structure within their society.  When the lights of the city start to flicker, the citizens start to panic while the mayor denies any cause for alarm.  Lina Mayfleet, a young messenger for the city makes a shocking discovery when she finds a cryptic message that may point to a way out of the city.  Along with her best friend Doon Harrow, the two youngsters being a journey of discovery that could be the key to saving all the citizens of their doomed city.  Will anybody believe them?  Can the mayor keep them from revealing the truth?  Join the adventure of a lifetime as they try to escape…The City of Ember

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Gossip Girl

Ziegesar, Cecily. Gossip girl : a novel. New York: Little, Brown, 2007.

Annotation:  Upon being expelled from boarding school, Serena van der Woodsen plans to reunite with her old friends and share in having fun as they use to have.  She soon discovers that life has moved on, especially for her closest friend Blair who is determined to do everything in her power to keep Serena away from herself and her boyfriend.  Even if it means she has to believe in some very vicious gossip.

Book Talk:  Gossip is a very vicious thing especially when it’s written by an anonymous person with a lot of followers.  For Serena van der Woodsen, gossip found her among the people she most loved and trusted.  Although all the girls want to be her and all the guys want to be with her, she soon finds out that your friends can become your enemies when you are just trying to be yourself.  As the gossip keeps flowing, Serena must find a way to restore her friendships that have been ruined by rumors of a life she never lived.  Will she be able to rise above the rumors or will she fall victim to the Gossip Girl?

Kerry - Age 17: "My favorite genre would be fictional drama or romance. I like these books because I believe that you can really get into them, and put yourself in the shoes of the characters and feel what they feel and even learn from them."

Friday, November 4, 2011

Hustlin' (Drama High Vol. 7)

Divine, . Hustlin. New York: Kensington Pub. Corp, 2009. 

Annotation:  Jayd prepares to play Lady Macbeth in the school play before the holidays begin.  Her enemies try to prevent that from happening while her friends get into more drama then they can handle. 

Book Talk:  For Jayd, nothing comes easy as another year unfolds at Drama High.  Between Baby-Daddies and ex-boyfriends, she will have to try to survive until the holiday break.  As she prepares for her starring role in the play Macbeth, Jayd’s enemies have a trick or two up their sleeves that may dethrone her from her part.  Will Jayd overcome the obstacles this year?  If she wants to prove that she is better than the rest she’ll have to keep on Hustlin’.