Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Blume, Judy. Forever.... New York: Simon Pluse, 1975. Print.

Annotation: This is the story of Katherine, a girl in her senior of high school who meets her first love, Michael. They begin a very serious relationship that throws them into the many trials and tribulations of love, sex and heartbreak.

Awards: Winner of the A.L.A. Margaret A. Edwards Award

: A first love is definitely a monumental moment in a teenager’s life. It brings them to a whole new world of feelings, emotions and experiences that bring about inevitable changes. Katherine and Michael are the typical teenagers that spend every free minute together, lust after one another while being sexually responsible, and feel that their love will last forever. But how long is forever? When Katherine’s parents sign her up to work at summer camp, 7 weeks away from Michael seems like an eternity. It is during this time that Katherine has the chance to step away and truly see if her love for Michael is genuine or if her experience at camp is the start to a whole new journey in life. 

Judy Blume does a fantastic job of getting inside the teenager’s experience of a first love. It is hard not to relate to one aspect or another within this story and truly feel for the characters and what they must go through. It is a very realistic and mature take on the challenges teenagers must face during their first love.

Stevie P. Age 17
"When I read a book I put myself in the main character's mind set... I love romances and dramas...I also love the book Forever Judy Blume, she's one of my favorite authors. "

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