Saturday, October 22, 2011

the first part last

Angela, Johnson. the first part last. New York: Simon and Schuster, 2003. Print.

Annotation:  On his sixteen birthday, Bobby receives big news from his girlfriend Nia that they are going to have a child together.  Bobby takes us through before and after scenarios of how his life has changed as result of this news and what he must do as a young father raising a newborn daughter. 

Corretta Scott King Award (2004)
Michael L. Printz Award (2004)

Book Talk:  Can you live the first part last?  Bobby and Nia are your average teenagers.  They are in love, they are very social, and they dream of their lives together once they get to college.  However, nature as other plans once Nia finds out she’s pregnant.  Now Bobby must shed the skin of his old life and accept the change of being a father to his newborn baby.  As Bobby raises his daughter and realizes the importance of always being there for her, he wishes that people lived in reverse.  They would start out “all knowing” and end innocent, protected by their parents.  Can Bobby provide the life he wants for his daughter and embrace the change, or will he be stuck searching for how to live the first part last?

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