Monday, November 14, 2011

A Step from Heaven

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AN, NA . A Step from Heaven. Asheville, NC: Front Street, 2001. 

Annotation:  Young Ju is a Korean immigrant who is starting a new life in America.  Along with you mother, father and young brother, Young Ju is trying to figure out this new life while dealing with struggles within her family.

Michael L. Printz Award
National Book Award Finalist
New York Times Book Review Notable Book
Best Children’s Books 2001 – Publishers Weekly
A Best Book of 2001 –
Book Links Lasting Connections of 2001
Children’s Books of Distinction Award – Riverbank Review

Book Talk:  Where is heaven?  How do you get there?  Young Ju has a life changing experience when her family moves from Korea to America. In this new world, she must face the hell one must walk before they can reach paradise.  Can she live with through the trials and tribulations life unfolds upon herself and her family?  If she remains the brave little girl she once was in Korea, she’ll find even though life is sometimes hell she’s just A Step from Heaven.

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