Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Tomorrow Code

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Falkner, Brian. The Tomorrow Code. New York: Random House, 2008. 

Annotation:  Tane and Rebecca are two teenagers that discover the secret for sending messages through time.  Once they begin to receive cryptic messages from their future selves, a desperate adventure begins to save the world. 

Awards:  2009: New Zealand Post Book Award

Book Talk:  What if you could send messages through time and space to warn yourself of future events?  Tane and Rebecca find the secret that unlocks the mystery of time travel so they can receive, just like an email, messages from the future.  Upon decoding their first message, it seems that good fortune as smiled upon them as they receive a set of lottery numbers! After they accept their good luck, more messages arrive, this time in a form of a warning.  What could the warning be?  For Tane and Rebecca, their good luck is about to run out and the fate of the world lies within their hands, but only if they can decipher The Tomorrow Code

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